29 Aug

Take Your Property to Market with These Top Tips

Standing out from the crowd when it comes to putting your property ion the market can be a tricky business. It is worth giving yourself, and your property, the time and energy it deserves to go out there with the best asking price. Your goal should be do make some adjustments to the property that will be appealing for buyers. The competition is high, so consider the following tips for upgrading your home for the market.

Stick to simple décor

Taste is very subjective. It could be that you have every room as a feature room, with wallpapers and block colours that have made the home your own. But, there’s a reason that the vast majority of homes on the market are wall to wall in magnolia paint. We’re not saying that you have to strip your home of all hints of personality but do try to keep it neutral. You’re appealing to a varied audience, and neutral is probably the most appealing décor style because it leaves room for new buyers to build on their own tastes without putting in too much work (such as stripping room upon room of wallpaper patterns). The easier the move for the buyer, the better – and a simple, clean and neutral décor will mean an easier process for those interested in your property.

Rethink your space – every room counts!

When we say rethink your space, we mean take the time to really consider the space you have and how you could make every room useful, functional and appealing to the market. You can start very simple by clearing clutter and looking at ways you can build in extra storage that doesn’t intrude on the layout of each room. Keep things clean: so, give the carpet a good shampoo, repair that hole in the wall from the painting that used to hang there, and repaint your doors, sills and skirting boards. Look a little further: How are you currently utilising your available space? Do you have a loft or basement that is sitting there waiting to become a perfect office, snug or bedroom? Do you have the space and budget for an extension? These may seem like larger steps to take than a simple clean, but when you weigh up the costs of the job against the value they will add to your home, it could potentially be very worthwhile.

Before you become a seller, become a buyer.

What we mean by this is, before you bring your property to the market, put yourself in the shoes of a buyer, and do some homework. There’s no harm in checking out the competition. Book in some viewings of properties similar to yours that are already on the market and look for ideas that will help your house sell. Look at how other people have managed their space, extended or added extra living space in affordable ways. Make a note of the décor, and even make notes of the things you think could potentially put buyers off the property. You can use all of this information to transform your home into a property that will beat the competition, and really stand out from the crowd when you take it to market.

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