29 Aug

Investment Planning Sound Boring? Invest in Your Passion Instead!

Sometimes investing can feel like quite a ‘dry’ option in terms of how to use your savings. But it doesn’t always mean stocks, shares and property. Often, a more interesting and unique way to invest is to look at investing in a passion or a hobby – something you can take enjoyment from, but that also offers an increase in value. For example, antiques, unique household items, collective items such as crockery, ornaments and so on.

So, what are your options? Let’s tale a look at the more common investments that fall under the ‘antiques’ umbrella:

Jewellery & Gems

Jewellery is a very popular hobby and/or passion-driven investment option. Just with many other item-investment opportunities, purchasing jewellery can be fun, offer a conversation starter and can actually grow as a long-term passion. You can develop a good eye for jewellery and gems that will be a great investment in that, they will increase in value. Whether you’re looking for full jewellery items such as necklaces etc, or you’re going for the more raw materials such as uncut gems, collectable antique pieces or designer pieces from big brands, opportunities to invest are vast. The key is to make the purchase that you know will appreciate in value over time. The beauty of investing in gems and jewels is that you can also take great enjoyment out of wearing and displaying them before you take them to auction at a later date or pass them down to your children/grandchildren.

Furniture & Household Pieces

Again, these options for investment are all about creating investment opportunities that allow you to enjoy what you purchase and take pride in displaying or using the items you find along the way. So, another way to invest is to seek out unique household items or statement pieces that will both appreciate in value and add something personal and beautiful to your home. Some examples include antique clocks and mirrors, armchairs, uniquely-designed cabinets and coffee tables, hand-woven rugs, throws and even lamps can offer gorgeous, practical statement pieces that can be handed down or later taken to auction for a profit.

Popular Collectables & Art

There are loads of collectable items out there on the market, from porcelain dolls to vases, tea sets, brand-led ornaments, cultural ornaments or more unusual pieces such as hand-held fans, walking sticks, trinket boxes and perfume bottles. You just have to know where to look. Antiques fairs, specialist shops or online shops and groups that can offer advice on how to spot a great investment item. It has to be said through, that one of the most popular way to invest is through art pieces. But for art investments, you have to do your research. It is easy to be mistakenly led into buying a painting or sculpture that isn’t exactly what it seems. So, if you’re just starting out as a hobby-investor, it might be best to start simple or to bring in the help of an expert.

If you’re new to investing in this way, household item investment might be the best way to begin. Not only will a homely statement piece mane that you have a conversation starter and a beautiful item to show off and enjoy, but also, the options are much wider than with the more niche items.