3 Day Workshops

3-day “Quantum Leap” workshop

DSP’s unique 3-day “Quantum Leap” workshop is the most powerful, intensive, ideas-filled, practical, profit oriented business learning programme you’ll ever find. It has met or exceeded the expectations of 99.4% of hundreds of participants … and it’s 100% RISK FREE!

This unique workshop, which simply isn’t available anywhere else in the world at any price, will give you the tools, the knowledge, the focus, the sense of direction, the confidence, the inspiration, the reassurance and the encouragement you need to double and re-double your business.

You’ll experience a unique methodology which always far exceeds the expectations of attendees and leaves them both thrilled and amazed at the range and depth of opportunities they uncover.


When you attend this workshop you’ll discover the secrets of:

  • generating more leads, enquiries & customers
  • increasing your customer retention
  • improving your conversion rates
  • increasing your transaction values
  • generating more repeat business
  • multiplying the impact of everything you do
  • improving your performance in all areas
  • out-marketing your competition
  • pulling all these concepts together to form your “Quantum Leap.”


This highly acclaimed three-day workshop is a distillation of the lifetime secrets of 18 of the greatest marketing minds in history, gleaned from working with and helping over 10,000 different businesses.

Attendance is limited to a select group of business owners each month who want to learn “Quickly and Thoroughly” everything they can do to dramatically improve their marketing efforts and reap the tremendous rewards that come from a good marketing programme.

The concepts you’ll learn about will work in any business and have been the driving force behind £ billions in sales and profits for over 10,000 companies across all industries.


  • You’ll explore 301 eye-opening questions that will make you see your business in an entirely new light.
  • You’ll learn 63 marketing approaches you can immediately apply to your business to increase your sales and profits.
  • You’ll also learn how to differentiate your business from your competition; how to dramatically increase your sales figures; how you can make marketing the most powerful and profitable business activity you can engage in; how you can create highly leveraged strategic alliances and joint ventures with your suppliers, even with your competitors!


Each subject is covered in detail supported by in-depth explanations that are both clear and easy to understand, drawn from 1,851 real life examples and case studies.


10 of the 63 powerful business building secrets you’ll discover as part of your 3-day workshop …

  1. Identifying and communicating what’s unique or special about your business in everything you do and articulating what you can do for your customer that delivers to them a result or an advantage that’s superior to your competition.
  2. Making your products or services more distinctive so that they’re seen to be different to your competitors and more highly valued in the marketplace so they’re no longer perceived as mere commodities.
  3. Identifying exactly who your prime target audience is and focusing your efforts on communicating only with them, instead of trying to be all things to all people.
  4. Understanding life from your customers perspective and seeing the transaction through their eyes so you can understand what they really want, need, are drawn to and repelled by so that you can provide for their real needs, desires, wants, hopes and problems and talk in the language they want to hear.
  5. Educating your customers and prospects to understand and appreciate the tangible, compelling reasons for dealing with you as opposed to your competitors.
  6. How you can use advertising, extremely effectively and in a very targeted manner, by focusing the entire thrust of your communication on your prospect’s interests, not your own, and offering something appealing that will get your prospect to respond now.
  7. Discovering whether what you’re doing is worthwhile by testing one approach against another, one supposition against another, one way of doing something, of saying something, of pricing something, of guaranteeing something, of explaining something, of promoting something against another … then measuring and comparing results, discovering which approaches always out-perform others, so that you achieve the maximum result with the minimum of effort, risk and expense.
  8. Guaranteeing your product or service, reducing the barrier of entry and reversing your customer’s risk to make it more advantageous for someone to buy from you than not to buy.
  9. Using Direct Mail to access otherwise inaccessible prospects and presenting your entire story including every benefit of your product or service over your competition — so that your prospects are largely pre-sold before you’re face to face.
  10. Getting your customers to recommend and encourage other people they associate with to seek out your products or services …

… Plus another 53 approaches!


Unlocking your vision

For many people this workshop unlocks a vision that’s been at the back of their minds for years, then pulls it to the front, expands it and gives that vision substance in a straightforward, believable and achievable manner, in complete congruity with who they are, what they do and the things they most enjoy doing.

It’ll certainly make you look at your business from some completely new and refreshing perspectives and you’re bound to come away with some unexpected but simple and easily implemented answers to some of the things you may have thought about for years but not known where or how to start.


Pulling Everything Together … Your Personal Blueprint For Success

Every marketing workshop or seminar we’ve come across has the same problem. Even the best of them leave you with no more than a collection of useful ideas, tactics and tips — but no plan.

How do you put all the approaches together? How do you combine them for maximum results?

Whilst “Off the peg” solutions may work for franchises, they won’t work for your business. You need something that’s designed specifically for you.

To eliminate this shortcoming, DSP has created some totally unique computer software which is designed to do only one thing … Make it simple for you to assimilate all the secrets you’ll be learning and integrate those approaches and ideas into a carefully designed, practical, individually crafted blueprint for success that’s unique to your business.

Using this special software you’ll be able to capture all your thoughts and the multitude of revelations that occur to you throughout the workshop, as they occur to you. As each example is given you can immediately jot down the ways that YOU can see that example working for YOU in YOUR business … before your idea has a chance to get lost, never to re-appear again!

At the end of your workshop the software assembles all these nuggets into a unique and priceless written “Blueprint for Success”. This unique document is totally tailored to your specific strengths, resources and goals, with each strategy ranked to reflect its importance to your business.

A few days after your workshop your personal 150-200 page written Blueprint for Success will arrive. You’ll understand how you can achieve the greatest yield for the minimum use of your precious time and resources.

You’ll be able to take in every idea, every word of advice and every revelation that’s occurred to you over these three intensive days — at your own pace.

You can focus on each idea, recommendation and marketing approach in turn. You can go over any parts of your blueprint you find particularly informative, until you fully distil every word of advice and completely comprehend how each marketing approach will work for you.

You’d have to spend tens of thousands of pounds on marketing consultants and hundreds, if not thousands, of hours putting together that kind of plan. Until now.


Understanding how everything comes together

At the end of your three days you’ll clearly understand how and why all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle fit together to create a very cohesive model with your own individual stamp on it and unconstrained by the way other people have approached it.

You’ll also come away understanding how to formulate and structure your activities on a daily, monthly and yearly basis … knowing how you can achieve remarkable results from simple actions, that you don’t need to be Superman to implement.

These are just some of the reasons why this workshop always exceeds attendees expectations, and we guarantee that you’ll look back on it as one of the most worthwhile experiences of your business life.


For your investment you’ll receive …
  1. Grounding Workbook. This 51-page workbook will prepare and pre-stretch your mind for your 3-day workshop. One of our Strategic Analysts will spend an hour with you to help you define your business objectives and help you prepare for the 3 days to help you maximise from all that the workshop has to offer.
  2. The full live 3-day “Quantum Leap” workshop. Intensive, powerful, comprehensive, with more ideas and applications than you could fully implement in a lifetime. You’ll be using unique software to capture all of your thoughts and assess 63 powerful, practical, strategic marketing approaches that’ll turn your business inside out. To obtain anything approaching this calibre of information from any other source would require five to ten times your investment in the entire “DSP” programme … even if that information were readily available.
  3. Networking and Masterminding. As you progress through the elements of your “Quantum Leap” workshop, this life-changing focus group of like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners will be the source of dozens of fresh perspectives and inspirational ideas for your own business.
  4. Your own priceless personal written “Blueprint for Success”. Your own priceless written “blueprint for success”, a 200 page “roadmap” of all the strategies you can implement to grow your business. This unique document is totally tailored to your specific strengths, resources and goals, with each strategy ranked to reflect its importance to your business. You’ll understand how you can achieve the greatest yield for the minimum use of your precious time and resources. As you go back over your blueprint you’ll be able to take in every idea, every word of advice and guidance and every revelation that’s occurred to you — again and again, at your own pace.


Your 100% RISK-FREE Guarantee

Reading about this workshop is one thing. But, the only way you’ll fully appreciate its staggering depth and range, and the impact it’ll have on your business, is to experience it for yourself. That’s when you’ll get all the proof you need … with absolutely no risk.

We guarantee you’ll learn more about growing your business in three days, than 99% of businesses will learn in a lifetime!!

If you’re not absolutely convinced by 2 pm on your second day that you’ve been given new ideas worth many times your investment in this workshop, then we honestly want you to ask for a full and immediate refund. No questions asked. No fine print. No red tape. No hard feelings either.

Re-read the above paragraph for loopholes if you like. You won’t find any. This money-back guarantee is absolute. Either the workshop convinces you or it doesn’t. You are the sole judge and jury.

That’s all there is to it!

The worst that can happen is that you come out streets ahead just for deciding to participate. There’s absolutely no way you can lose, even if you do want your money back.

That means that there is absolutely no risk whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on us. If you’re not convinced by half way through your 3-day workshop that it will make a substantial difference to your business, then we’re the loser, not you.

Is that fair, or what?

The truth is that once you understand the impact of applying the secrets of the greatest marketing minds on the planet to your business, it’s most unlikely that you’d want your money back because this workshop probably represents the biggest gold mine of structured marketing approaches that’s ever been made available to you — Just attend the workshop to see if we’re right!

Book your place now and judge for yourself … 100% RISK FREE! Call DSP now on 01908 357657 … or book online here … but hurry, attendance is limited to just a select group of business owners each month.