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Everyone wants the answers to successful networking!

June 21, 2004

Most people you meet have hundreds of contacts, which means that virtually anyone you might want to contact or meet is only four to five people away from you. Effective networking is therefore vital to your success.

Most people are poor networkers, but, with the right techniques and mindset, you can quickly learn how to get out and meet people, making new contacts and developing quality business relationships based on trust. Just by knowing how to polish your communication skills, educate the people you meet about what you do and the benefits offered by your product or service, you’ll create a lasting impression and quickly build your network…and maximise your chances of success.

However there are many of us in business who don’t know the best way to approach networking, which is where DSP’s networking workshops come in. Created and delivered by DSP’s Managing Director, Robert Clay, the series of networking workshops has proved to be the answer everyone has been looking for.

Robert Clay, Managing Director of DSP, created and delivered this set of three networking workshops.

Robert has a long history of networking and was the founder member of a popular local breakfast networking forum. His ability to see opportunities for win-win situations is an inherent strength and it was this that he wanted to share with other business people.

The proof of his networking success is evident when you look at how DSP Solutions began. Within just 6 months of starting DSP in 1999, Robert Clay and Andrea Pickerin, joint founder of DSP, had become extremely well known in the surrounding business community due to their approach to networking. This, combined with the referrals and word of mouth generated from their increasing awareness, gave them the business they needed to build DSP to what it is today.

The series of 3 workshops were first run on behalf of the “Milton Keynes and North Bucks Chamber of Commerce” for chamber members in September and October 2003 and right from the very first event, Robert received excellent feedback from everyone who attended…

“There is so much more to quality networking than I could ever have imagined and these workshops help to focus your mind on the important aspects of networking and how to achieve mutual benefit by working with your networking community”. Whole Home Systems

“An absolute must for anyone looking to improve their personal and business contacts”, Fennemores solicitors

“Don’t go straight from work to this session – there’s too much good advice to absorb if your brain is already overloaded!” Cranfield Management Centre

“The people who came along were surprised how deeply we went into the subject and felt equipped to go out there and make a really powerful impression,” said Robert Clay.

Since then, the evening workshops have increased in their popularity and are now run in conjunction with other neighbouring Chambers so that everyone in the surrounding business communities can benefit. To find out when the next events are, please click on our events page or contact your local Chamber of Commerce. Places do go extremely quickly so don’t delay in booking to guarantee your place on the next 3 workshops!

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