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Silently begging to be led

June 2006

Everyone WANTS to deal with someone who knows what they’re talking about in areas where they don’t have expertise, writes Robert Clay of DSP Solutions.

People who are unfamiliar with your product or service often don’t know precisely what they want. They tend to have very loose buying… read more

Why? The burning question

May 2006

Much of your time in business is spent trying to get people to take action, writes Robert Clay of DSP Solutions. In the case of your prospects and clients, it’s trying to move them first to desire and seek out then buy your product or service … and keep buying it again and again.

Yet so… read more

Be a tester, make your fortune

April 2006

How would you like to be thought of as a marketing genius, writes Robert Clay of DSP Solutions. It’s not as hard as you might think … as long as you know how to TEST every aspect of your marketing before you commit any money to it.

If you’re serious about making your marketing work,… read more

Why adding value is a real bonus

March 2006

One of the most effective methods of converting more leads into sales is to use bonuses and incentives to add extra value into the transaction, writes Robert Clay of DSP Solutions.

Most marketing failures can be attributed, at least in part, to failure to provide customers with… read more

Make your conversion rate soar

February 2006

A package you receive may contain gold, silver, or paper, but you won’t know until you take the time to unwrap it and discover what is inside, writes Robert Clay of DSP Solutions. Similarly, you don’t know what the opportunity a sales lead will provide until you take the time to pursue it… read more

Follow-up without pestering

January 2006

The importance of follow-up was established in my last article, writes Robert Clay of DSP Solutions. So how do you follow-up effectively?

You certainly shouldn’t be too pushy or hound people or they’ll just tell you to push off … and quite right too! The opposite, i.e. not following up at… read more


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