Key wedding photos not to be missed

When you have hired a professional wedding photographer to take care of everything that is needed on the big day itself, you may well be trying to think about all of the shots that you would like to capture. It can often be quite difficult to do this without anything being missed out, and with this being the case you should double check to make sure that you have everything covered. Here are some of the most important shots that aren’t to be missed – and by taking note of all of these, you should find that you are able to get exactly what it is that you need.

The bride and groom

This is of course the most important shot by far, and it is vital that the photographer is able to capture all of the emotion of the moment in a way that produces a beautiful image. Taking shots while the couple are talking and getting ready for the photo can often produce some wonderful, natural images.

Bride & groom plus parents

It is vital that you are able to get shots of the bride and groom with each set of parents, as this signifies that they have been welcomed into the family, and that they will always be loved and accepted. These are wonderful and very meaningful shots to be able to have.

The parents together

A shot of both the bride and the groom’s parents without the happy couple themselves is great – as it shows that the family is extending, and this gives you the chance to really show what marriage means, and the family that has been created by it. Ultimately, that is what marriage is all about.

Bridesmaids and groomsmen

These two groups of people are very important in the lives of the happy couple, and for this reason you should always make sure that they are represented in the photos. A great shot is of the bride being lifted by the groomsmen – but obviously this may only be possible if she is wearing a suitable dress that allows that kind of movement.

Far-travelling relatives

There are many relatives who might have traveled a long way to come to the wedding, and by getting them involved in the photos it means that they will be able to come away with memories that will last a lifetime. A wedding is a great chance to be able to see people who you wouldn’t otherwise have seen from one year to the next, and by taking photos of this occasion you can really show just how important the overall event is.

Your wedding photos are important, as they will last long after the fresh memories of the happy day have faded. For this reason, it is incredibly important that you are able to get it right, and doing so means that everybody who attends your wedding will be able to have something that they can keep to take home – which is wonderful, and a way to keep the day in your memory forever.

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